The storage tanks are vertical ground cylindrical tanks made of structural steel, ranging from 350 to 2,000 m³. Each tank is equipped with special protection system for extinguishing and cooling, with over- and under-pressurization of 40 millibars. The inner side of the tanks is coated with a zinc silicate protective coat in most of the tanks. The tanks roofs are stabile constructed (weakened weld) with maximum pressure load permitted of 1.4 kp/cm².

Tank capacities

Storage capacity of the existing terminal:

1.Storage tank 2000 m³ 3 pcs. = 6000 m³
2.Storage tank 1000 m³ 4 pcs. = 4000 m³
3.Storage tank 500 m³5 pcs. = 2500 m³
4.Storage tank 350 m³6 pcs. = 3150 m³

The new oil terminal under construction:

1.Storage tank 15000 m³3 pcs. = 45000 m³
2.Storage tank 5000 m³ 3 pcs. = 15000 m³
Total capacity of the storage tanks under construction:60000 m³ *

*out of which 20,000 m³ of heated storage tanks.

 After the construction of the new part of the terminal is completed, the total storage capacity in our terminal shall be 75,650 m³. However, there is a possibility of constructing additional storage tanks with total capacity of 60,000 m³.